I’m a keyboard player, based in Suffolk.

I started gigging as one half of a duo over fifty years ago,
in London. After moving to Suffolk in the eighties, I joined
‘The Price of Doughnuts’ which continued up to 2000
when I joined ‘Spooky’, a band with, at that time, a more
jazzy edge. In 2005 I joined ‘The Travelling Raspberries’, a
function band, now disbanded.

I mainly play piano, influenced by Russ Conway on one
hand and Herbie Hancock on the other (but I can play with
both hands). I also write in various styles, mostly
instrumentals. Musical interests are wide ranging; I’m
listening to jazz, folk, classical but also have a keen
interest in latin american, bossa nova and the songs of
Tom Jobim in particular.

I’m a melodist by nature, having been exposed at an early
age to great songs from the likes of George Gershwin and
Ivor Novello, before rock ‘n’ roll came along. But rhythm
and harmony are equally essential. Please click on my
YouTube links on the next page to hear some of my